Leaders & Readers

  • Since the Leaders and Readers Program started in 2009, we’ve worked with more than 150 teens who have reached more than 12,000 children with books and literacy activities.
In high income countries, education is a luxury to which we rarely give a second thought. Each of us learned to read because an adult sat us on his or her lap and read stories of flying carpets, giant peaches, and fairy godmothers. Our imaginations ran wild with possibility, and just as quickly as dreams were born, those same adults gave us the skills we needed to chase even our wildest ambitions.

Through the years, Reading Village programs reached thousands of elementary-school-aged children with weekly education and literacy activities. As a result, these children have developed the same dreams, and ambitions that fired our own imaginations, along with valuable language, reading, and communication skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

We are proud to make our programs available for your own inspiration and usage. Please click the links below to download our Curriculum, Manuals, Sample Lessons, and Videos.

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