• Books Make Schools Better

    In the world today, nearly 1 billion adults are illiterate. And in Guatemala, like many developing countries, going to school is only productive if the school has the resources to facilitate and inspire learning.Putting books in schools, libraries, and orphanages is the first step toward improving literacy.
  • Reading & Dreaming

    For these girls, learning how to read and write gives them a chance at a better life. If they are literate, they can chase even their wildest dreams.
  • Too Wonderful For Words

    In a country that is defined by rich cultural tradition and stunning natural resources, there are no words that could do the beauty justice. An intoxicating richness of color, landscape, and architecture combine to inspire Guatemala. Travel there with us and you can see for yourself all of the local art and stunning scenery that combine to make this such Guatemala beautiful country.
  • Low Resources but High Hopes

    In rural and indigenous Guatemalan communities, the average family subsists off of farming and may live off as little $4 per day. In these same places, one year of secondary education can cost more than half of a family's annual income. It's no wonder that little girls like this one are lucky if they get to go to school at all.
  • Change from the Inside Out

    With an average of 5-6 children in every family, it’s not uncommon for parents to choose which child receives an education. International experts believe that educating women is one of the best ways to improve the health of an entire country. With skills and resources to succeed, a mother will reinvest in the education of her children to create change from the inside out.

Alleviating Poverty

We are proud of our work in Guatemala, collaborating with marginalized communities to develop local leadership and accompanying these communities on their journey to prosperity.
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Empowering Youth

By helping to fund our scholarship programs, you’ll be helping the 67 current participants in our program achieve their dream of finishing high school, giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential!
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Our Impact

  • 260 hours of leadership training on average for program participants
  • 150 teen lives transformed through education and leadership training
  • 12,000 children exposed to books and reading for the first time through your donations
  • 26% amount above national average that youth scored on reading comprehension