Carolyn Fairman

Executive Director

Through non-profit leadership, executive management, grassroots development and sustainability, Carolyn has worked for global social change for nearly 20 years. With a Master’s in Latin American Studies from the University of New Mexico, Carolyn’s built her career in the coffee industry where she worked to address endemic poverty while educating and engaging the global industry in new practices. She worked most recently with United Farm Workers as the Director of Strategic Initiatives. There her focus was on global supply chains, building stakeholder engagement through collaborative efforts from the farm worker to the farm owner, buyer and retailer.

Marcella Varley

Director of Development

With a BA in Spanish, German and International Studies, Marcella has built a well rounded background in international development as well as account management in both non-profit and corporate environments. Her love of Latin American culture is rooted from her year living in Ecuador as a Rotary Exchange student and her passion for fundraising was born from her experiences as a volunteer in rural Uganda. Traveler and fundraiser, Marcella has a strong belief in the power of the human spirit and is continuously inspired by the people she meets along life’s journey.

Juliana Vasquez

Program Coordinator, Guatemala

Very proud of being a Maya-K’iche woman, Juliana is passionate to be of service to others. She is a teacher and has university studies in law and social sciences. With experience in community development as well as children’s rights, Juliana is especially interested in working towards improving the quality of life of indigenous people in the region and strengthening their leadership and influence in social and economic spheres. She has worked to coordinate and develop relations between ancestral authorities, customary law, and the state system.

Mandra Ryan

Communications Coordinator

The travel bug bit Mandra years ago and to date she’s visited more than 60 countries and counting.  Having educators as parents and teaching in Uganda gave her an inside look at the importance of education and literacy. With over 15 years of marketing, public relations, and communication experience, Mandra’s thrilled to pair her professional and personal passions.

Brenda Saloj

Community Facilitator, Guatemala

Brenda Saloj is a bright and young Kaqchikel woman finishing her third year of studies in Special Education in college. She speaks three languages: Kaqchikel, Quiche and Spanish. In addition to her studies and work for Reading Village, Brenda is a freelance reporter for an international network called the Global Press Journal, writing articles about Guatemala and giving voice to those who are silenced. In all her work she is driven by her strong conviction to serve the indigenous people. She works to give youth a voice and freedom to develop to their highest potential, to be what they want to be.

Mayra Choc

Community Facilitator, Guatemala

Mayra is a Maya woman and an educator trained in Paulo Freire’s methodology of Popular Education. She is dedicated to developing leadership in young men and women. She has worked as an elementary school teacher, and is currently a student of Social Work and Community Development. Her vision is to provide a seed for peace and dignity for all historically marginalized peoples. Reading Village gives her the opportunity to reach for this vision by promoting the role of every child, man and woman in rural Maya communities for their own human and community development.

Rosalina Tzapinel

Community Facilitator, Guatemala

Rosalina is a vivacious Maya woman studying social work at university. She is trilingual, speaking Spanish, K’iche’ and English. At her young age of 19, she has participated in cultural exchange experiences at Michigan and Georgetown Universities as well as in Brazil and México.  She has strong leadership skills and a strong voice and wants to help empower other youth to have more significant participation in their communities and work towards a better world.

Magaly Yac


Magaly is a Mayan woman who speaks two languages: Quiche and Spanish. With hard work and dedication, she graduated as an expert in marketing and advertising. She also has a degree in teaching with a focus in school management and administration. Magaly also has experience working with women, young women, boys and girls in rural communities. She is currently the president of the local community development council. Working as a Community Facilitator, Magaly is grateful to have the opportunity to continue supporting youth education in indigenous communities.

Kenia Guoz

Administrative Assistant, Guatemala

I am a young Tz’utujil woman with many desires and dreams of overcoming poverty. Kenia was born and raised in the small village of Cerro de Oro on the south shore of Lake Atitlán. The first woman in her family to graduate from high school in the whole family, she has university studies in auditing and public accounting. Her parents have only ever supported her brothers to study, but as Administrative Assistant at Reading Village she is able to pay her own way.

Lori Eggers

Bookkeeper and Administrative Assistant

Lori earned her BA in Business Management at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She has three years’ experience as a bookkeeper. Her passion is traveling and exploring, and she finds there is nothing more healing than discovering the beauty in the landscapes and people of our world.