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Today, Reading Village Celebrates You!

Over the last 12 years, Reading Village programs have had a profound impact on the Mayan children and teens in our 5 partner communities. This impact would not have been possible without your hard work and generosity.

Because of you, teens who grew up with us being read to, now have the opportunity to pay that generosity forward, reading to the next generation of children, and working as change agents in their own communities.

Julio is teaching, and working to open a branch of a new school that supplants Guatemala’s government-provided program.
Marcela graduates from law school this year.
Maribel is a health promoter, visiting the homes of pregnant women, taking their vitals, handing out vitamins, and taking information back to the clinic in the city.

These stories just scratch the surface of the powerful impact your generosity has helped us to achieve through the years.

By partnering with local schools and businesses to raise funds; hosting house parties to raise awareness; traveling with us to Guatemala to witness first hand the excitement these youth bring to their communities; donating the proceeds of your creativity; and so, so much more – your efforts have led to positive changes that will be felt for generations to come!

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving, full of laughter, joy, love and peace!

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