You Can’t Imagine What Susana Has Been Through

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Like many of the teens in our program, Susana’s road to graduation hasn’t been an easy one. This 19-year old’s dreams of completing her secondary education were almost shattered when her old sister got married right after she graduated. Susana’s father was so angry that he said Susana couldn’t study anymore. Luckily, her mother supported her in her desire to continue high school, so in 2015 when Susana was offered a spot in the Leaders & Readers Program, she was able to accept it. Then in 2016, things weren’t going very well in her family and her parents decided to immigrate to the United States, separately, leaving Susana to care for her three younger siblings (ages from 5-13). While her mother is supporting them from afar, hoping to provide a better future for her children; Susana’s father has abandoned the family completely.

Susana says that having her Reading Village family has helped her to keep going and continue towards her goal of graduating high school and going to university. Over the last two years, her fellow youth leaders have helped her to remember “that there will always be obstacles throughout life, but we must keep fighting for our dreams and not abandon our destiny!” We’re thrilled to announce that Susana graduated last month and has applied to a local university in hopes of continuing her education even further. 

She explains, “even without my parents, I have been able to succeed in reaching my goals. I’ll graduate with a degree in accounting and be able to continue helping my siblings. I’ll hold on to the hope that our family will be united again one day, but until then, I will keep fighting for my dreams!”

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