Help Tomasa Create a Better Future by Donating Today

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In the indigenous villages where Reading Village works, girls are still fighting for their right to an education. Ten of Tomasa’s eleven siblings dropped out of school before high school in order to help support their family. Her parents never made it past 2nd grade. But Tomasa is standing up for herself, explaining, “I’m going to show my family that with an education I can do anything and I can create a better future for myself.” In addition to attending high school and reading aloud to children in her community 3 times a week, Tomasa also does 20 hours of paid community service a month which provides funding for her sister to attend school. Tomasa’s long term goal is to become a doctor and establish the first medical clinic in her community.

Help Tomasa create a brighter future for herself, her family and her community. Donate today!


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