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The Truth About Teens

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  Eight years ago when we first began thinking about community-based reading promoters, a group of Guatemalan advisors cautioned us saying: “We’re going to tell you the truth about teens. You can’t build a successful literacy program that depends on teen-age kids! At that age they are just too distracted and unpredictable.” Despite warnings from   …Continue Reading

A New Community, A New Opportunity for Impact

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    On a site visit last month I found myself in Chaquijya observing our youth leaders doing reading activities with young children. It’s always refreshing to be back in the field, witnessing the impact of our work first hand and building relationships in new communities.  Chaquijya is our newest partner community in Guatemala, and it’s   …Continue Reading

A Powerful Impression

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During a group discussion on our recent Learning Journey in Guatemala, I challenged my Guatemalan colleagues to recount for our travelers any tales of impact and inspiration from their work. In that moment, my colleague Brenda, one of the Community Facilitators who mentors the youth leaders, offered an example from the community of Chaquijya, one   …Continue Reading