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How Reading Translates to Leading

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A few weeks ago the Reading Village Board spent an hour on a Skype call with some of our youth leaders. One of those teens was Alicia. When I first met Alicia three years ago I said to myself, “What a thoughtful, soft spoken girl.” On Tuesday I got to see who Alicia has become   …Continue Reading

The Power of Observation

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Maricela Correa-Chávez and Barbara Rogoff of the University of California, Santa Cruz, published a study that shows indigenous Mayan children when compared to European American children pay more attention to and learn from activities going on in their environment — activities not specifically directed at them. Much of a Mayan child’s time is spent observing   …Continue Reading

Why Guatemala

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People often ask me why do I return to Guatemala year after year. My answer spills out of my mouth with enthusiasm these days. “Because I get to witness the work of the youth leaders and community facilitators of Reading Village.” But that is not how I got to Guatemala the first time. In 2004   …Continue Reading