Learning Journey 2016 – Day 3

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Learning Journey Day 3

Today we had the great honor and pleasure to be invited into the homes of three of the youth leaders. Like yesterday’s arrival, this was a first for Reading Village teens and their families. We learned about the little adobe structures found at each home called a “temascal.” It’s like a sauna, a fire heats rocks while water and herbs are poured over the rocks to create a steam bath for daily bathing, to cure illnesses and support the process of pregnancy. We witnessed and tried our hands at making tortillas from scratch: boiling the dried corn kernels, grinding the corn on a stone, gathering the masa, patting them out and laying them on the griddle. Needless to say it was much harder than any of us anticipated. And we learned how they tie dye the thread and use a back strap loom to weave their amazingly colorful skirts and blouses with intricate designs they fashion from memory.

After lunch the teens assigned us to groups in order to practice our roles for the upcoming reading fiesta where we will support the teens in the enactment of various stories they will read to a group of 300 very excited children.

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