Join Our 12 Hours of Impact

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Every day we each have a chance to impact another. Our actions, our words, our dollars, our votes — these are the ways we can change the world around us. This fall, join our 12 Hours of Impact campaign to send 18 additional indigenous Guatemalan youth to high school. Ensuring a high school education for teens whose families desperately want an education for their children but can’t afford it, changes the trajectory of their lives. By giving, sharing and connecting, this is the impact we can have together.

Now is your chance to support Carlos’ work as a teacher, Maribel’s as a health promoter, and Marcela’s as a law student. Take this opportunity to grow that impact – join our 12 Hours of Impact on October 7, 2015 between 9am-9pm Pacific Time. Just go to All gifts will be matched and every single gift will make an impact.


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