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Join Our 12 Hours of Impact

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Every day we each have a chance to impact another. Our actions, our words, our dollars, our votes — these are the ways we can change the world around us. This fall, join our 12 Hours of Impact campaign to send 18 additional indigenous Guatemalan youth to high school. Ensuring a high school education for   …Continue Reading

10 Fast Facts About Literacy Around the World

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Our work in Guatemala is just a small step toward improving access to reading and writing skills for children and adults around the world. These skills are critical to succeeding in school and in life and are therefore among the first steps toward interrupting poverty. At Reading Village we are invested in increasing literacy levels not only   …Continue Reading

Measuring Social Fabric

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Every international nonprofit has its own set of criteria for the communities and people they serve. Some look at demographic data and work perhaps with women or children, others look at educational and/or economic opportunities and how to make them more accessible, and still others evaluate communities through a specific need such as clean water. And all of   …Continue Reading