2015 Learning Journey: Day 7

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Today was the final day of the 2015 Learning Journey. Today we enjoyed the beauty of colonial Antigua. Some of us learned to make chocolate from scratch, others of us took a walking tour of the city while others of us shopped or simply relaxed by the fountain in the flower-filled courtyard of our hotel, the oldest guest house in the city. We finished our day and our Learning Journey by taking a kernel of corn from one of the white, red, yellow or black cobs ceremonially arranged on the table in the center of our circle and sharing with the others what this seed represented — what had been planted within us during the trip:

“At fist I found myself pitying the children in poverty but now find myself walking alongside them knowing how strong and resilient they are.”

“I knew nothing about Reading Village before coming, and what I have seen is greatness.”

“I am not an emotionally expressive man, but when the teens greeted us with open hearts and arms I was brought to tears. I will always and forever remember this experience and support Reading Village.”

“I want to come back and see where these extraordinary teens go in their lives.”

“I will take the powerful teaching methodology you have developed and bring it back to the reading program I volunteer for.”

“This trip has reminded of the transformative power of teaching.”

“I came completely overwhelmed by work and family life but this experience has given me a new perspective on what matters.”

One thought on “2015 Learning Journey: Day 7

  1. The pictures are just wonderful in capturing the joy and sense of aliveness and purpose. Pictures do say a thousand words AND in our world – being able to read the words is very important. Blessings to you all – for all you do.