2015 Learning Journey: Day 4

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Day 4

Today was our second day in the communities. We traveled back to Concepcion and had the privilege of witnessing the Reading Village young leaders at work reading to the local children. They were proud and engaging, articulate and compassionate while working with the young kids. And the kids themselves were eager and attentive, completely captivated by the stories they were hearing.

We also had the rare opportunity to experience some of the indigenous Mayan culture today. The families of some of the youth leaders opened their homes to us. We also saw the weaving process from dying to setting up the loom and the mind-bending way the create such intricate and complex designs without a pattern to follow. Alumni joined us, inspiring us with the enduring impact RV has had in their lives. As we walked through town and from home to home it was clear how appreciated and how transformational this work is. Reading Village works in partnership with these communities and the families were proud to host us. It was an honor and an adventure, in equal measure, but more than anything it was a rare glimpse of authentic Mayan life that most tourists never get to see.

One thought on “2015 Learning Journey: Day 4

  1. I’m sure your involvement in this project is as rewarding to the children as it is to you.
    The learning you make possible to these people from your knowledge comes back to you as you are also learning about their culture.
    We don’t appreciate all that we have in the U.S.