Greetings from Guatemala

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3 thoughts on “Greetings from Guatemala

  1. Wonderful to see all your bright, smiling faces. Good luck with the new school year – you all have so much to offer your communities. Looking forward to joining you in Guatemala in April on our next Learning Journey!

  2. Thanks for the latest up-date on RV, wonderful to see the familiar faces from our trip and to see newcomers. The scheme is certainly making solid progress. Well done to you the leaders and of course to all those committed young people. The Learning Journey, was one never to be forgotten. I’d recommend anyone, regardless of age or being a loan traveller, to join a trip, you will be looked after and your experience will be unforgettable.

  3. Hi Rabbi Debra,
    Thank you for all you are doing to give joy and save these people around the world. That really reflect who we are.
    Choosen to repair the world ..courage it is not easy ,but with your great determination you can do it


    Francois TE Dallas