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Founder’s Corner: Transition + Transformation

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I think the part I like best about the beginning of each school year in Guatemala is the moment when one of our Community Facilitators asks a question, and a youth leader like Victor, who’s now in his last year of high school and our program, realizes that last year’s leaders who have graduated are gone. The ones   …Continue Reading

Founder’s Corner: Olga’s Insight

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A north wind has been blowing through the central highlands of Guatemala for several weeks now. You know what they say about north winds – they roll in with a vengeance and bring in a season of change. This north wind has been blowing cool and steady and it set the stage for one of our youth leaders   …Continue Reading

Founder’s Corner: Parent Meetings in Guatemala

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Today was parent orientation day in Chuacruz and Concepcion. I skipped the Chuacruz meeting and went to Concepcion to check in on some of our alumni. I found Rosmery at home. She has been teaching kindergarten the last two years at schools that are far from her home. She has put in an application to   …Continue Reading