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Founder’s Corner: Something of Value

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Most of our teens are initially attracted to our program for the scholarship component. Who could blame them? But we are not just a scholarship program. We are a leadership development, community development organization. So while every teen who applies to our program is in need of a scholarship, we are also looking for those   …Continue Reading

Founder’s Corner: Risk

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I recently caught a sound byte from somewhere, “It’s risky to hope for things you cannot have.” It got me thinking about the teens in our program and the risks they take every day. Imagine this. You are the only girl in your family. Your parents had five sons and then they had you. You   …Continue Reading

Founder’s Corner: Commitment to Community

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When I make presentations to groups about our work, there are always many questions. I speak about helping educate teens and accompanying them as they gain greater leadership skills, and people ask if we’re not just preparing them to leave their communities and go off to the big city where there is more opportunity. It’s   …Continue Reading