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Learning Journey 2014: Take to the Lake (Day 4)

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When your snot runs black and your feet are filthy, it’s time to take to the lake. Unfortunately Lake Atitlan isn’t exactly the sort of thing you’re dying to jump into – what with its agricultural run off and busy harbors. In light of a dip, riding across this gorgeous body of water in the   …Continue Reading

Learning Journey: Just Trying to Help (Day 3)

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In contrast to the dry hills of Chuacruz and Los Morales, day three of the Learning Journey found us traipsing around the lush green slopes of Concepcion. The first community in which we’ve had a persevering relationship, “Conce” feels the most like home to Reading Village. We know its cobblestone streets, its white steeple, its   …Continue Reading

Learning Journey 2014: Experiential Learning (Day 2)

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If yesterday was just a gateway, it’s safe to say that today we’re all in. Learning Journey’s have always been a unique combination of cultural immersion and experiential learning. We show participants the realities of this place, expose them to the clash of ancient tradition and modern demands, challenge folks to understand the complexities of   …Continue Reading