Learning Journey: Welcome Back to Guatemala

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On Monday we got to Guatemala. We jumped aboard these magic flying machines and flung ourselves through the clouds until we landed a world away; alas technology never ceases to amaze. The fact that our world has so much capacity and yet so many have so little never ceases to boggle my mind. But so it goes. A few hours, a bit of turbulence, and one late night and we found ourselves down south in Guatemala.

We’ve spent the past three days jumping in and out of a truck, visiting communities, meeting scholars, and generally being awed. We shook hands, shared hugs, opened books, and turned pages. In the past three days we turned a lot of pages. We’ve also outrun dogs, been held up by bike races, visited a brand new library, been thanked by principals, and been welcomed by parents. It’s always an adventure.

It being my first visit to Guatemala with Reading Village, it has been an honor and privilege to finally put faces to all of the names that we’ve talked about together for the past year. I’m here to tell you, these teens really are as amazing as we lead you to believe. For the past three days these scholars have rocked my socks off (although, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve mostly been in flip-flops) – they are humble and grateful and hard working and there is change rippling out from within this circle. Lucky us to just bear witness.

My words won’t due the situation justice and I owe you more than just this post, but I hope these photos provide a glimpse into the adventure to date. More visitors will be joining us tomorrow for our spring Learning Journey, and the truck rides, library visits, warm tortillas, shared stories, and dusty roads will continue.

Until then,

Kassia (Your trusty camera slinging, flip-flop wearing, Director of Communications)

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