The End of the World? Hardly.

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Luis with Congressman Amilcar Pop

As apocalyptic visions fill the heads of some as we come to the end of a Mayan calendar cycle, about one hundred indigenous youth leaders in Guatemala gathered in the central highlands to prepare for the future – and there’s nothing apocalyptic about their vision!

Five of Reading Village’s teen reading promoters took part in the event: Laura, Francisca, Angelica, Ana and Luis. They explored questions like, Who are we (as a people)? Where are we going? What is the meaning of the end of this baktun (Mayan calendar cycle), What is the role of the Mayan people in development of humankind? Our promoters had much to contribute and learned much from Mayan spiritual guides, midwives, indigenous leaders and an indigenous congressional representative.

These kinds of experiences, where our teens have not only have the opportunity to represent their communities and the work they are doing, learn from others and see their work in a larger context, but also do it steeped in a deep cultural/historical/spiritual context are hugely formative for them as they grow in skill and wisdom as community leaders.

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