The Depth of Your Impact

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On my recent trip to Guatemala our teen reading promoters made it clear to me that they understand the depth of the work they are doing. Over and over again I heard them talk about how it’s more than reading to kids, it’s about transforming their entire community. They see changes in themselves, the kids they read to, the teachers at the elementary school, their brothers and sisters and the community at large.

The teens in both communities are in the process of working with local community leaders to open up a space for a community library! Your investment in them impacts the whole community.

Please make a donation today.

Angelica shakes hands with council members following her presentation

Victor and his group of kindergarteners roar like dinosaurs — as they discuss the dinosaurs’ disruptive behavior in the classroom 🙂

Rodolfo and Ezekiel with the boys they gathered from the soccer field for a story.

A new generation of readers

Confident, happy girls!

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