Sprouting a New Generation of Readers

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I have great news! Olivia, one of our teen reading promoters, just told me that she has seen the small children at the local daycare center, where she and the other teens in our program are regularly reading stories, imitating the teens.

One these little ones will stand up in front of the others, introduce him- or herself (using the name of one of the actual teens), ask the others if they'd like to hear a story and start off, "Once upon a time…"

Kids mimic the adults in their lives. Here in Guatemala they play act at carrying babies and working the fields. With this bit of news I can see that we're being successful at introducing new role models, behaviors, interests and aspirations — all around reading.

See Olivia and our other teens in this video as they bring the joy of reading to the kids in their community.

And consider joining us in July on our Learning Journey and witness these inspiring moments first hand.

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