Reading Aloud to Children

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Reading Aloud to Children

In 1985 a US Department of Education Commission on Reading shared the 

results of 10,000 research projects done over 25 years to get at the core of 

what really works in terms of turning kids into skilled readers. Among its 

primary findings was this:

"The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for 

eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children."

Notice they didn't single out Baby Einstein or flash cards, phonics, homework

or worksheets. They discovered that reading aloud to children, both at home 

and at school — even after they can read for themselves — was the 

greatest predictor of success. 

I am encouraged by this finding because reading aloud to children is the 

core of our work in Guatemala. Kids love to be read to, and the more they 

associate reading with fun, the more they read. The more they read, the 

better they get at it. The better they get at it the more they like it…This is 

our engine for developing a culture of reading in Guatemala.

So please (1) read to the children in your life and (2) continue supporting us 

as we encourage the same in impoverished communities where books are 

scarce and illiteracy is rampant.

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Thank you for all you do to bring the joy of reading to children,


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