Reading Village Off to a Great Start in 2010

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Daniel Guzm├ín, our In-Country Coordinator, welcomed parents and promoters. Nearly every teen had at least one parent present — a big sacrifice on the part of the parents who have much work to do and an important show of support for their sons and daughters and for our program.P1160003
Laura's parents returned a little later to present Daniel and me each with a large bunch of onions, carrots and squash freshly picked from their fields in thanks for our work.

After the parents left we played some team-building games and broke the ice. I was very impressed with how quickly and skillfully our returning youth stepped into leadership roles.P1160023

Rosmery (returning from last year) presented each new promoter with their Reading Village book bag. Their faces and posture visibly change to reflect the pride they feel in this moment, and I received many heartfelt "Gracias."P1160033
We closed with a candle lighting ceremony to symbolize each one taking the light of literacy out into the community. I am impressed and inspired by the goals they set for themselves and their dedication to their futures, their community and this work.P1160059

Me and the gang (minus one, Marcela was down with the flu.)






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