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Birthing a Culture of Reading

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This trip was incredibly successful! I made progress on all three focus areas of I Can Read: 1. I secured storage space for the books and other learning materials we will distribute through our Book Bank. And established relationships with half a dozen publishing houses in Guatemala. 2. I met with Petronila and Martha, our   …Continue Reading

The Girls With Chutzpah

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Petronila and Martha have chutzpah, and that’s what we like about them. They chased Larry and me down last January to get our email addresses after we visited their classroom. They are studying at a boarding school in Antiuga for indigenous girls preparing to be elementary school teachers in their home communities many long hours   …Continue Reading

“Head Breakers”

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"Rompecabezas" is the Spanish word for puzzles or brain teasers, literally, "head breakers." I Can Read made a donation of educational games and puzzles to Casa del Libro. These children don’t have toys at home and if not for Casa del Libro would miss out on the developmental opportunities provided by playing, like creativity, reason,   …Continue Reading