Christmas in April

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On April 30th, the community of Chama (I can’t do accents, it’s ChamAH) were the happy recipients of 400 new books for their children. Pilar, our Guatemalan project coordinator, said the atmosphere was like Christmas — excitement, wide eyes and smiles. This was an amazing gift for this rural and isolated community of 2000 to receive. There were no books in town prior to this donation and children and adults alike were completely overwhelmed, in delight over how beautiful the books were and wanting to know where they came from and how much they were going to cost. More joyous celebrating erupted when they learned that they were a gift at no cost to them. The teachers were elated to have such resources to encourage the children’s studying and learning. They send blessings to all of you who contributed.

To reach Chama, Pilar and her companions from the municipality traveled eight hours in a 4×4 pickup truck over unpaved, rocky roads, and through a river, just to reach the literal end of the road and then walked the last hour into the community. Parents met them at that juncture to help transport the books to their final destination.

The books were taken to the little community school, and a teacher has been put in charge of them. She will make them available to the children onsite during after-school hours.

In the posts that follow this one I’ll share some photos that Pilar took.

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