Muchas Gracias!

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Yesterday Larry and I spent the day at Colegio Miguel Angel Asturias, the school we have been collecting computers for. The kids showered us with songs and speeches, handmade cards, hugs and kisses in gratitude for making their computer lab possible. It was an emotionally packed and funfilled day!

We heard the story of Hector, now in the sixth grade, who was orphaned at an early age. As is often the case Hectors relatives wanted to take him in and basically make him their slave. He instead made it to an orphanage and was lucky to get a scholarship to attend Colegio Miguel Angel Asturias, and continues to. He was hurt badly as a little boy by a woodworking tool that badly sliced his hand, but he has overcome that fear and now is quite skilled at woodworking and presented us with wooden plaques he made, one for us and one for Mom.

We also got to watch the sixth grade class practice its play that they will present at the closing of the first month of school, whose theme has been human rights. They creatively and powerfully demonstrated the cascading effects of violence in a society with a resounding message of before you hit somene, talk first. Larry has some video of these events, and if I find the time this weekend I will try to put it on YouTube with a link here.

The third grade class poster of thanks for "helping us with the computers."


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