Hope in the Trash Dump

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We pulled up to the trash dump and I could see a number of shacks sprinkled throughout — cardboard and plastic sheets fastened together to make rudimentary living spaces. No electricity, no water, no bathrooms. All these families eat, wear, and own comes from what gets dumped from the back of a trash truck. They compete with each other when the truck arrives to get the best pickings and then they compete with the buzzards for the rest.

Padre Sergio is working with this population. It all began, he said, with a soccer ball and a jar of juice. He approached the community one day and played a game of soccer with the kids and then sat around drinking juice with them, and that is how the relationship began. His church now offers services of education K-12, a health clinic, kitchen garden projects, and a small library. It´s really quite impressive what he´s done with such few resources.

As we drove away from the dump, kids piled into the back of the pickup to go to school and Padre Sergio made sure to chat with a mother whose kids were not in school to encourage her to send them. Photos in following posts…

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