Libraries and Beauty Pageants

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The second library was in a town called Rio Bravo. Here the municipality supports the library by paying the librarian´s salary and providing a building. The librarian Ana has a lot of initiative and creative aethetic. Beyond story hours in which she reads to children and her helping the kids with homework she recently organized a Little Miss Library beauty pageant (only in Latin America!) and has dreams to put tables and chairs covered by open air huts out front on the lawn, landscaped with flowers so that folks can read outside. You immediately appreciate this when you feel the oven-like heat any time you are inside a building. Kids came pouring in after school with their homework assignments. They were all working on the human skeleton and the names of the bones. Many of the kids play for a bit before settling down to work. Maria, the outgoing one at the girls´table, told me she likes the toys the best. It reminds me that kids don´t have toys at home and that we learn many skills and lessons when we play.

The girls doing their homework…


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