A Family Affair

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On Friday night Larry and I met up with Jorge, his family, and Ryan a funding director working with the colegio on a stipend for a couple of years. The colegio (for which I´ve been collecting laptops and for which my mom has funded a computer lab!!!) is a real family affair. Jorge´s wife Veronica and all four of his girls are deeply involved and they all welcomed us with big hugs and smiles and appreciation. His wife runs the office, his oldest daugher Laura is studying to be a pediatrician and plans to work at the school clinic once she has her diploma. The next in line, Pati, is study gynecology and also wants to work with the mothers of the school kids. Next comes Carla studying to be a lawyer and also wants to serve the school. And little Cati who is in the 6th grade aspires to be the school director one day! That´s one bunch of strong and inspired women!

We´ll be at the school on Wednesday and will share photos then. Meanwhile feast your eyes on this beautiful natural hot springs where Larry, Jorge, Ryan, Pati and I enjoyed a relaxing soak yesterday.


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