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    From now until October 31st, your donation will go further & have a greater impact – ensuring that the NEXT generation is literate, educated & inspired!
  • Learn How Empowering Youth Can End Poverty
    Through a combination of scholarship, leadership, and literacy, we empower one generation of leaders to create another generation of readers.
  • Spreading Education and Literacy
    Since 2007 we have worked with 150 teenagers who have reached more than 10,000 children with literacy activities. And we've only just begun! Help us grow our impact in Guatemala.
  • Break the Cycle of Generational Poverty
    When you invest in our youth leaders, you invest in their families and in the future of their communities.
  • Meet Our Youth Leaders
    Our Youth Leaders are passionate, intrepid, smart young adults. They are standing up against the status quo, finishing their educations, and contributing to their communities.

Alleviating Poverty

We have begun our work in Guatemala collaborating with marginalized communities to develop local leadership and accompanying these communities on their journey to prosperity, as defined and owned by them.
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Empowering Leaders

We empower youth leaders who ensure the generation behind them is literate and capable of critical and creative thinking, while their own development advances their future prospects as well as the wellbeing of the entire community.
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Taking Action

All around the world inspired individuals have partnered with us to break the cycle of generational poverty by donating, volunteering, traveling to Guatemala, holding fundraising events, etc. There’s a way for everyone to get involved.
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Our Impact

  • 264 hours of leadership training reached 67 high school students in 2016
  • 40% of Reading Village’s youth leader alumni are taking university classes
  • 4750 young children developed creative and critical thinking skills last year
  • 26% amount above national average that youth scored on reading comprehension

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