Thank You from Reading Village

Although we have closed our doors, you can still help to maximize the potential of young Mayan girls.

Please consider supporting the MAIA Impact School with the same generosity of spirit with which you supported Reading Village.

Reading Village has a library of time tested teaching materials which we have made available for public use. To view and download our program materials, please visit the Leaders and Readers page.

A Letter from Reading Village Founder Linda Smith

Over the past 12 years, thanks to you and your generous support, Reading Village has worked with indigenous Guatemalans to create life-altering opportunities for teens, children and families in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala – opportunities for becoming literate and educated,for finding gainful employment, for developing leadership skills, empathy and a sense of pride and self-worth through service to community.

In December of 2018, we announced that due to unforeseen circumstances, Reading Village would be forced to close our doors after one last fundraising push, intended to fund scholarships that would allow the 67 teens remaining in our program to graduate from High School.

Thanks to the support of the Reading Village extended family, this final year-end fundraising campaign was an overwhelming success.

These amazing young people will have the opportunity to join the ranks of our graduates who now include a lawyer, teachers, bankers, nurses, small business owners, and other professionals. By securing these good jobs, our graduates are able to provide services to their communities, pursue a higher standard of living and better provide for their families. In turn, this newfound economic security often enables their younger siblings to study, too.

The ripples of your impact are broad, and will continue to spread for generations to come, and, you’ll be pleased to know that two Reading Village employees in Guatemala are hard at work creating a local nonprofit to carry on our mission and vision. Turning the work over to locals has always been our desire. We wish them much success!

Your impact doesn’t stop there!

As we close our doors, we are required by both Guatemalan and American laws to donate our physical and financial assets to another nonprofit organization. We have chosen The MAIA Impact School (formerly Starfish) to receive these assets. Over the years, we have worked closely with them and built a strong relationship based on our shared values of youth leadership and education. They also previously agreed to administer our remaining youth leader scholarships over the next four years.

Just this fall, MAIA completed construction of, and opened, a state-of-the-art secondary school where 300 female teens will receive an education in the coming years. The MAIA Impact School has an impressive curriculum designed to unlock and maximize the potential of young Mayan girls to lead transformational change. We are very proud to be able to donate our remaining assets to such a worthy organization.

Thank you for your support over these many years. You brought to life a vision of creating opportunities for marginalized children and youth to fulfill their potential, impacting the lives of thousands, now and for years to come!

With deep gratitude and blessings.


Linda Smith
Founder, Reading Village

PS: If you’d like to support MAIA’s work directly, please donate here.