All around the world, energetic volunteers, passionate advocates, and inspired individuals have joined us to change lives through literacy. Are you ready to join them?
  • $222,000 Raised in 2013
  • 256 Individuals Donated
  • 730 Children Reached

Donating a birthday, hosting a house party, or using a holiday to celebrate our work, everyone has the opportunity to support global literacy. We are ready and waiting to help you change the world.

It’s easy. Just create a campaign, set a goal, and then spread the word! Pick from the materials and events we have prepared for you below, or create something all your own. No matter where you are or how much you raise, we’ll make sure you can see the impact you’re making with every dollar!

Here’s the impact you could make:

$100 – change a child’s life with storybooks and reading programs
$1,000 – change a teenager’s life with a high school scholarship
$15,000 – change an entire community with new literacy programs

Start Your Own Campaign

Light up Literacy

Pick a holiday to celebrate reading and dreaming!

Light Up Literacy is a holiday campaign created to celebrate literacy as a form of freedom during Passover and Hanukkah. With education materials all ready to go, you, your family, or your entire school can bring the value of tikkun olam into your holiday observance while giving the gift of literacy to a child in Guatemala. We have everything you need to bring Light Up Literacy into your home this year.

Featured Campaign

Learning Journey

Travel to tackle illiteracy!

Ready for an adventure? Every year we take small groups to Guatemala to experience Reading Village’s work first hand. Visiting our program sites, meeting our inspiring teen reading promoters, and helping them put on a reading fiesta is the best way to understand Reading Village’s vision for a cultural of literacy. Start a campaign to raise money for the projects that you will then get to visit. With our Learning Journeys you can change lives and be changed in the process!

Featured Campaign

Birthdays for Books

Make one wish for one billion individuals!

This year, use your birthday to help us end illiteracy. It’s simple: instead of receiving presents ask your friends and family to give the gift of literacy. Start a birthday campaign to help raise money for your very own global literacy project. You bring in the dollars and we’ll show you results.

Featured Campaign

Celebrate global literacy with your Bar and Bat Mitzvahs!

Our newest campaign, 36 Books is a way for teens in America to help make rural villages in Guatemala places where reading is celebrated, and where books are the tools that empower readers to be leaders in their communities. By reading to others and raising money, this mitzvah project was designed for you to celebrate global literacy while your friends and family are celebrating you. We’ve got everything you need to use your bar or bat mitzvah to change lives in Guatemala.

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