• Access to Books is the First Barrier to Literacy

    At Reading Village, we believe that literacy can unlock the potential of future generations to create a better world. Reading Village programs begin with literacy, foster learning, and aspire to impact quality of life across the villages in which we work.
  • Reading & Dreaming

    For these girls, learning how to read and write gives them a chance at a better life. If they are literate, they can chase even their wildest dreams.
  • Books Make Schools Better

    In the world today, nearly 1 billion adults are illiterate. And in Guatemala, like many developing countries, going to school is only productive if the school has the resources to facilitate and inspire learning.Putting books in schools, libraries, and orphanages is the first step toward improving literacy.
  • 4,000 Books. 10,000 Children

    Since 2007, Reading Village has partnered with local organizations to distribute more than 4,000 books among libraries, schools, and orphanages in rural Guatemala. You have helped us touch the lives of more than 10,000 children.
  • Reading Aloud to Children Changes Lives

    We know now that one of the most important activities for building the knowledge required for eventual success in literacy is reading aloud to children.
Remember what it was like to be lost in Never Never Land? Remember how it felt to swim with mermaids and dance with wild things? In the pages of storybooks it was easy to let our imaginations run wild. Now imagine this:
In our world’s most marginalized communities, kids are growing up without books.
  • 6 Years
  • 31 Partners
  • 4,634 Books
  • 10,000 Children

Access to books is the first barrier between millions of children and their ability to imagine and achieve a more fulfilling, creative, and productive life for themselves. To complement its Leaders and Readers program, Reading Village’s Book Bank supports reading promotion efforts through the acquisition and distribution of books in low-income communities.

Our Book Bank program supplies books to Guatemalan orphanages, daycare centers, preschools, elementary schools, community libraries and programs that promote literacy.

In each partnership, we encourage recipient programs to design innovative systems that encourage both utilization and stewardship of the collection.